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Effective Cabling Solutions in Spring, TX

Optimize your computer and telecommunications systems with cabling solutions from Brown & Son Communications. Our technicians have the knowledge, skills, and experience to install structured cabling for new and remodeling project, remove out dated equipment, and more. Everything we do is designed to make sure you are able to receive and send data efficiently.

Cables and Man Cutting Wire

Voice & Data Cabling

We provide voice, data, and backbone cabling to commercial and residential customers

Structured Cabling

Backbone cabling is needed when you are connecting an existing MDF to a new add-on of a building, that requires copper and fiber, and then we create the IDF. Your cable lengths should not be over 300 feet in length for a pass test result. If everything is within 300 feet, we can tie the networks together with fiber cabling. However, we will create a second IDF if needed.

Backbone Cable Installation & Termination

We install, terminate, and do all testing of backbone cables ranging from 25 to 600 pair. Our team can put your main connections in the MDF or network room. To extend the network and phone system to wherever the communications rooms exist, we can install another cable to tie both buildings together.

Do you have outdated telecom equipment in your building? Avoid clutter by calling us to wreck out and remove any old equipment, cable lines, and drops.